Wednesday, March 3, 2010

History Of Proxy Server

At its simplest, a proxy server is a layer sitting between a local-area network (LAN) and an external network such as the Internet. Proxy servers came about to meet several needs.

  1. They enabled several machines to share a single Internet connection by accepting and forwarding requests from client applications.

  2. They could regulate, allowing or disallowing certain communications with the outside world, such as through site filtering.

  3. They could conserve bandwidth and increase network efficiency by caching content for repeated local delivery.


  1. can you upload information detail bout history of proxy server

  2. idont know how to do this... whats the port number? could someone please describe this to me in detail im a computer nooooob
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  3. Proxy Server have been close to for quite a while at this point. There exists very little information about the exact heritage involving proxy servers. More than likely, the history involving proxy servers goes to the inception involving web 2.0